DART Project – New Rocket Flaps

With the members of DART we decided to use a system for the Rocket flaps that can be reused quickly for any launches in succession. In addition, we have projected it so that you do not have to access the inside of the outer carbon coating because, being the diameter of the rocket small, it […]

RA Project – Test Bench CAD

CAD test bench to measure the thrust provided by the propeller and the overall performance of the motor-propeller group.

RA Project – Flight Simulator Development

First of all, one of the most important phases of projecting aircrafts is the numerical simulation of its behaviour.Consequently, this one gives an important feedback on the quality of the choices made and leads the designer in the next steps. In this regard, we are working on the creation of a flight simulator for the […]

IT Area – New Electronic Board for DART Project

Today we show you the rendering of the new electronic board we designed for the DART engine test bench. It is nothing more than an “advanced” version of the one used for the engine test of the project which was successfully carried out a few weeks ago. So, this new version includes sensors similar to […]

RA Project – Campaign of CFD simulations

RA flow simulation test

Currently, the guys of RA project are developing a campaign of CFD simulations, with the aim of simulating internal flows for the aircraft and quantifying the effectiveness of an air intake battery cooling system. In particular, it must be verified that the air flow through the box is sufficient and above all does not present […]

RA Project – Tensile test of specimens

In order to allow members of the RA section of the team to reach their goal, build a solar energy UAV, they must characterize the material they will use for the structure through FEM analysis. However, to make this possible, you must have the data relating to the material itself. For this reason the guys […]

IT Area – Software Development

Today we’re going to talk about the work that members of our IT team are currently implementing. More precisely, we handle the section that deals with firmware development, software written in C language that will be sent and executed by a microcontroller. In particular they are dealing with the development of a system that allows […]

DART – Successful static test

On Sunday March 28th, the two static tests carried out, successfully allowed to collect a large amount of fundamental data to go to outline the design of the engine and nozzle. In addition, several studies focused on the external and internal flows of the nozzle were carried out before such tests in order to predict […]

Flow simulation through the nozzle

In order to produce thrust based on Newton’s third law, ramjets, scramjets and rockets use a nozzle to accelerate hot gases.As a result, a nozzle is a simple device, in particular a duct with a specific shape. In fact for rockets this is generally a convergent-divergent to accelerate the flow to supersonic speeds. However, using […]